I’m Sophie, Nineteen-years-old, born and raised in Wiltshire.

Currently, I am on my gap-year before heading to Sussex Uni in September to study an Arts & Humanities foundation year before (hopefully) continuing with a BA in English.

I am a reader, writer, and art appreciator. A music enthusiast and festival goer. Cocktail lover, especially when they’re 2 for 1. A lover of education- whether it be learning a new skill, a piece of history or a story you want to tell me. An “attempter” of all things style and beauty related. Cat owner. Family orientated.

You’ll find me wherever my wanderlust takes me.

Sophiejohn.com was an online space created to write about anything and everything from travel, to skincare, to whichever musings are floating around my head on a particular day. Have a look around, hopefully you choose to stay with me for the journey!

Love Soph x