In It for the Long Haul

With my flight to Bangkok just around the corner now, conjuring up a few long haul hacks has been at the forefront of my mind. Like, Hello? What on this bloody earth am I going to do for 14 and a half hours? I’ve always been a sufferer of the old ‘Are We There Yet’ syndrome and the longest flight I’ve ever been on was a mere 8 hours in comparison. AND that was with a bunch of school friends so all in all, a very different experience.

When I fly to Bangkok, I’ll be on my own. I detest being on my own. If you listen really, really carefully right now you can hear the distant evil laughter of my friends and family, who know this is true. Anyway I digress slightly. Have a cute lil’ list of ways I plan to keep entertained on my flight.

Catching this flight is going to provide me with a great chance to sit down and read that book I bought 5 months ago which so far, has only been collecting dust. And because I’m unable to check my phone (have that, mobile-phone sized devil on my shoulder) I can enjoy reading with no distractions. Finally, I can be a literary QUEEN and no one has to know it took official airline rules, about electronic devices to get there.

Okay, so I compleeeetely forgot about all the cool movies you get on long haul flights (why do I sound like I live under a rock?!) Usually, watching three consecutive films, in comfy clothes whilst eating excessive pringles would be frowned upon, but up here in this plane I’ve got nothin’ better to do. Boy better know we’re taking advantage of this.

Write in a journal
I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful leather journal from my parents as a birthday present last November. They gifted this to me with the idea that I would feel inspired to write in it whilst on my travels. Obviously I plan on honouring this (how cute am I?) and so using my travel time to jot my thoughts down is not only going to keep me occupied, but is also a productive use of my time. Win, win!

We will see how far I get with this one. Hopefully some good old fashioned travel exhaustion can knock me out, killing a few travel hours in the process. One of my stocking fillers from Father C was a flight kit complete with a blow up neck pillow so if I still can’t sleep after trying this, at least I made a fool of myself on the plane attempting to blow it up.

So that’s all I’ve got. Well, that, and panicking about the unfamiliar airport I must navigate when I get off the bloody plane. Cya!

Does anyone have any other tips for surviving a long haul flight?

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