Four High-Street Skincare Saviours

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed an urgent skincare routine refresh. I wish I could say that I’m a full blown skincare goddess, but sadly I’ve always been more of 1x makeup wipe kinda gal. My behaviour’s not big or clever, I know, and I’m really starting to kick my younger self for it. I decided that it would at least be a step in the right direction to put together a proper skincare routine using some popular high-street products. The results have been fab so without further ado, I introduce to you my Four High-Street Skincare Saviours.
As you may predict from seeing the products below, I have sensitive skin which can break-out and become aggravated easily. If you have a similar skin type, then this blog post may be the most useful to you.

1. Garnier: “Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin”

This cult product needs no introduction. In my younger teenage years, I used the product to remove excess makeup leftover after makeup wipes. Now, it has become the first part of my double cleanse routine and I love it. Boots advertises this product at £ 3.33 per 400ml which is ~f a b~ and in other stores such as Superdrug or Wilko you can often find the 400ml bottles at half this price. This product is described as “an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area, and lips, in 1 step without rinsing. Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin.” It is advertised as hypoallergenic and is also unscented, which I really like. We gals don’t want that unnecessary (and potentially aggravating) fragrance in our skincare.

Also, I have been using the large oval Wilko cotton wool pads to apply this skincare saviour. They are much larger than your average cotton wool pad and have a thick seal sewn round the edges. Using them feels as convenient as a makeup wipe, but of course provides much better results!

2. Superdrug: “Calm Skin Soothing Facial Wash”

So initially I waltzed into store with the intention of purchasing Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant skincare range that I have used in the past. However, the pretty packaging and appealing price range of this new Calm Skin range caught my attention- and I am so very glad that it did. The facial wash is £2.99 for 150ml which is bloody great value for money. The product, which “instantly refreshes and purifies” is also described as being able to “calm and soothe your skin”. It definitely does this! The texture is similar to a cooling gel which turns foamier when mixed with water and feels very refreshing.

This cleanser contains Chamomile which essentially works as an antiseptic for your face, as well as being an anti-inflammatory. It also contains Niacinamide which is renowned for improving enlarged pores, dullness and an uneven skin tone. The Calm Skin range is also vegan which means it wasn’t tested on animals (!) and is a huge tick in my books.

3. Garnier: “Natural Rose Water Toner for Sensitive Skin”

Running with the theme of Garnier products, I have been using this toner after cleansing my skin. Despite just moaning about fragrance in products (God, I’m such an enigma) I love that this toner has a subtle rose fragrance. I think because it is very understated and natural smelling, my brain is tricked into thinking it is doing more good than bad. And I can’t be too far off the mark; with the product’s description stating that “96% ingredients [are] of natural origin.” Again, it’s very cheap; priced at £2.29 for 200ml.

There are a couple of acids in the ingredients of this product, the first being Citric acid, which can apparently brighten skin, shrink pores and treat mild acne. The second is Salicylic acid. I’ve been trying to understand more about this mysterious and infamous ingredient but my knowledge is very much still in the making. Salicylic acid is chemically similar to Aspirin, and can reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. Varying the concentrations of Salicylic acid can produce varying results, and I think that skincare gurus are currently on a quest to finally find some magical answer.

I’m also not sure if any of these ingredients are of a high enough percentage to do much, but my skin has been feeling tighter, appearing brighter and is definitely much clearer. And it’s also just nice to think that it is doing something.

4. Superdrug: “Calm Skin Hydrating 2in1 Serum & Moisturiser”

Finally in the line-up, we’ve got this 2in1 Serum and Moisturiser from the Calm Skin range. Now I’ve always thought to steer clear of 2in1’s because surely if it does two things, it must be doing each thing at 50% rather than 100%. (I’m not sure if that makes sense or if that’s just a quite good example of how my weird brain works.) Anyway. I needed a new moisturiser as mine was running out, so it was most convenient to buy this, but I promise I’m not lazy. The price is £2.99 per 50ml which again, you just cannot complain about the pricing of this range.

As well as Chamomile and Niacinamide, this 2in1 contains Hyaluronic acid which keeps collagen synthesis up. YASS, give me all the collagen. I also peeped in the ingredients that this product contains Citric acid. I have to also mention the pump feature on the packaging which makes me so happy. Everyone loves a good ol’ pump. Lol.

This product claims to, after four weeks of use, “improve skin clarity and texture, while leaving it feeling and looking more balanced.” After four weeks, my skin has improved hugely, however I unfortunately can’t be sure which product is grafting the most.

I really wanted to acknowledge how good my experience so far has been with these four products. I have been suffering with bad acne and aggravated skin for about 5 months now and since carrying out this day and night routine religiously, I have seen huge improvements. I haven’t had any major breakouts and my skin is looking so much brighter and far less aggravated. Lots of redness that I was suffering with has died down almost completely. I genuinely wish I had tried out these products sooner! At such cheap prices as well- I feel as though I’ve found absolute gems. Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough but hopefully this has been helpful to someone.

Do you have any high-street skincare saviours to recommend?

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