Why I’m going travelling

So, girls. I plan on writing a series of posts explaining my travel plans and giving little tips and tricks that I’ve picked up throughout the working-my-butt-off to save, endless planning and never ending payments! Let’s start at the beginning, why am I going travelling?

Well. When the time came around to actually apply to University I was swamped with Biology notes, Fine Art deadlines and an essay worth 20% of my final English Literature grade. Although I definitely wanted to go to Uni, the thought at the forefront of my mind was: I need a break (!). In fact, I needed a year-long break. Luckily for me there was that handy little button on the UCAS page reading: “Deferred entry”. Perfect. I applied for a deferred entry to Sussex University and a few months later- on dreaded results day- I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten in.

Following on from a few months of well-deserved celebrations (clubbing, holidaying, festival-ing, you get the picture) I was faced with this realisation that I had a year off and I needed to try and make it count. I didn’t want to be a ‘bum’ for a year as much as I didn’t want to work full time for a year.

I also felt like I was fronting this dilemma alone as the majority of my school friends headed straight off to University. Because I didn’t know anyone who went travelling or took a gap year, the thought of spreading my wings further afield was even more daunting than it should be. But face your fears, right? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to flee to the freedom and independence of the-other-side-of-the-world? Who doesn’t want to ‘find themselves’? Cringe.

Jokes aside, I did start to realise how incredible my 2018 could be if I put my head down and saved up to go and explore some of the most beautiful locations in the world. *Insert images of dreamy beauty sunsets, here*

And as cliché as it sounds, another reason for going is because I’m hoping to gain some life experience. At the mo’, I struggle to even catch a train on time. So learning how not to be a general idiot- clearly through trial and error- would be fab.

So. My plan started to hatch. Of course, it couldn’t be a whole year of travelling (who’s got the dollah dollah for that) but instead a sort of 50/50 thing. I got a full time job in September- on top of my part time waitressing gig- and the Big Save began. Fast forward to today and it’s only 52 days and counting until I’ll f i n a l l y reap the rewards of months and months (and months, can I just say) of all that Big Savin’. And I can’t bloody wait.

Where is your wanderlust going to take you next? Did anyone else need a break after their A-levels?

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