Ten Good Things that Happened Today

You’re driving home from work and you’ve been sat in your car now for, god, is it 25 minutes already? That bloody traffic seems to be progressively getting worse and, as you come off the roundabout, a 17-plate Range Rover with headlights brighter than Simon Cowell’s teeth blinds you from the other side of the road. Rude.

It’s cold outside, but in your rush to get home to the Netflix log-in and a slice of toast, you accidentally turned your in-car heating up too high. On top of this, your brain has just opportunely reminded you of that annoying thing- to do with the thing at work- that caused all sorts of problems today with that other thing. Cheers, brain.

It goes without saying that you’re a little bit flustered. The traffic has gotten worse still and OH MY GOD why has my seatbelt done that annoying restricting-me-while-I-drive-thing AGAIN?!

I’m pretty sure that most of you guys and gals* have experienced something similar to the above but if you haven’t, then congratulations, you’ve just been let in on the train-wreck that was my Monday night drive home. *Yes, I am addressing the zero followers I have.

Anyway. We all get (in the wise words of Hermione Granger) our wands in a knot every once in a while. A bit of a flap. A kerfuffle. It’s so easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine and actually get wound up by all these little things, especially if it’s been a particularly stressful day at the office. (Gazes longingly over at the full-time bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers as they work from home.)

My point is that I had this realisation- amidst my Monday chaos- of “Hang on, why am I even so stressed out right now?” These things are small. Minute. They are tiny frustrations in a world of predominantly good. (In my glass half full opinion!)

Why am I allowing my happiness to be compromised because I forgot to turn down the heating in my car? Or because I’m in a rush to get home and eat some food? Okay, that last one is definitely a genuine reason to be frazzled so I’ll let myself off.

With all that said certain moments of the day, such as the dreaded five o clock to five thirty window, do leave you feeling irritable. And that is what lead me to announce my magnificent new technique of (drum roll please…) Ten Good Things that Happened Today. Or it could be Ten Good Things that Happened This Week, if you had a particularly awful week. (Or you could review the whole month but fingers crossed things are not that bad.)

The beauty of this is that if you actually scrutinise your so-called horrendous day, you can often find even more than ten good things! I know that once I have reflected on my day like this, the little irritations fade away, and I’m left feeling so much more grateful for what I do have. God I sound like such a hippie, but it’s true. It perks me up and makes me eager to get home and see my nearest and dearest.

It’s not ground breaking- or really that magnificent- but it works enough for me that I wanted to share it on my corner of the internet. Hopefully it can perk at least one person up, maybe.

Just to get the ball rolling, here are my Ten Good Things that Happened Today:

  1. The fluffy blanket on my bed felt extra fluffy and lovely in between snooze one and two of my alarm. This helped me to feel all cosy and snuggly, even though it was just gone six o clock and probably about 2 degrees outside!
  2. Despite snooze one and two, I still found the time to trudge downstairs and make a hot cup of tea. Bloody lovely.
  3. Freshly Washed Hair. Say no more.
  4. I listened to an instalment of the “No Such Thing as a Fish” podcast. Hilarious and educational? The nerd inside me is screaming.
  5. I remembered to wear my lanyard to work. It’s the small victories.
  6. The lovely lady from the canteen asked if I would like the soup for lunch. (FYI, I would always like the soup.) She asks every day and it always perks me up to know she’s thinking of me. Shout out to you, babe.
  7. Five O’clock. Home-time Home-time Home-time!
  8. I had a glass of Rosé (can I get a hell yeah?) and routine chat with my Mama.
  9. I was happily reunited with THE fluffy blanket and made my way to the Netflix homepage, finally!
  10. I finished my first blog post. Insert emoji of Sassy Spanish Flamenco Dress Lady, here.

Disclaimer: I understand not everyone is a crazy-stressed-out-freak like me and that they can probably drive home from work in a peaceful and composed manner without having to relay the positive aspects of the last 8 hours.

Do you have any rituals to unwind at the end of the day? What are some good things that happened to you today?

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